5 Questions to Ask Dallas Landscapers Before You Hire

If you have narrowed down your search for the best Dallas landscapers to one business, now is the time to ask important questions to help you determine if you have found the right one or if you need to continue your search.

Ask these 5 questions to make the most informed choice to increase your chances of obtaining Dallas landscapers you’ll be happy with for years to come:

Dallas Landscapers Question #1: Do you have references?
Any qualified, successful lawn service should have a proven track record with satisfied customers who are happy to offer testimonials. Ask lawn services for a list of customer references… actual customers you can call to ensure the business does good work.

Dallas Landscapers Question #2: Can I have a free estimate?
A good rule of thumb is to steer clear of lawn services that charge for an estimate. If they really want your business, they should be willing to take a look at your residential or commercial property and provide a lawn services quote

Dallas Landscapers Question #3: What’s your lawn service schedule?
When you are depending on a lawn services company to maintain your lawn, you need to be able to count on their services being timely and consistent. Ask the company what their work schedule is and what their level of commitment is to consistency and a strict schedule to keep-up with the needs of your lawn.

Dallas Landscapers Question #4: Can you do more than just basic lawn services?
There are times when you might desire more than basic mowing and weed care lawn services. Perhaps you would like shrub trimming or some light landscaping. For this reason, it is important to ask a company if they can provide additional services at reasonable fees upon request.

To get a free estimate and more information from the top-rated Dallas landscapers company, call today.

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