Top Dallas Landscapers Give Tips for Healthy Plant Maintenance

When you are planning for the perfect look for your home or business, Dallas landscapers know plant maintenance is essential to the health and beauty of the lawn. It’s a time- and money-saver to use our expert services to handle your landscape maintenance. However, if you are interested in do-it-yourself plant maintenance, there are a few things to consider.

These three tips from top Dallas landscapers will help you to ensure your plants have the best opportunity to flourish, keeping your lawn beautiful:

Dallas Landscapers Tip #1 Give plants the right amount of fertilizer and water at the right times to promote a healthy landscape.
Plants, trees and shrubs are living and breathing organisms that need food and water to survive. While in the garden nursery, these plants are often well cared for and accustomed to a regular food and water routine. To keep the plants looking as healthy as they day you purchased them, you should ask the nursery about their current routine at the time of purchase and try to replicate this schedule after they are installed in your landscape.

Dallas Landscapers Tip #2 Don’t think just because you have an irrigation system installed that your plant maintenance job is over.
While an irrigation system saves time and alleviates some of the responsibility involved in keeping the plants in your landscape watered sufficiently, there are still other things you will need to do to keep your landscape looking its best. For example, even an irrigation system can water too little or too much, so it is important to know how much your new plants need to flourish after the critical placement time.

Most plants need to be watered three times per week for several weeks after plant placement and then weekly. This schedule, of course, depends upon the weather conditions and whether the soil holds or drains moisture. You will need to keep tabs on the weather and the condition of the plants to adjust the watering schedule accordingly.

Dallas Landscapers Tip #3 Get to know your plants and their unique needs.
Just like different animals and people have unique nutritional and health care needs, different plants have varying moisture and soil nutrient requirements. Take some time to research your plants, getting to know key information such as the ideal acidity level of the soil and how to prune the specific plants and shrubs for the best growth and appearance.

To learn more about having the top Dallas landscapers care your plants, call us today.

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